“Our team is different because we know that marketing is innately valuable.”

Marketing is misunderstood by many companies – and some industries entirely. It’s not just buzzwords and social media. It’s about knowing your customers’ core goals, ensuring you can meet their needs instead of making empty promises, and then executing with carefully curated content, design that communicates clearly, and innovative new ways to reach target audiences.

What led you to the world of real estate brokerage?

I seriously considered a degree in architecture before ultimately following a marketing path in school…which ironically led me back to the built environment. I’ve touched architecture, engineering, construction, development, property management, and now brokerage. It’s probably because I played The Sims and SimCity so much as a kid.

Favorite Building: My heart belongs to the Smith Tower – Seattle’s first skyscraper.

I had the opportunity to work at the Smith Tower as it was celebrating its 100th anniversary. I’ve never been so interested in history, digging through library archives of newspaper articles to learn the truth behind the numerous legends that arose over the years.

Outside of the office, where do your passions lie?

Call me a crazy cat lady, but over the past two years I’ve had the pleasure of fostering cats for a local shelter. Not only does it provide great Instagram content, but it also feels pretty good to help animals in need.