I approach my business a little differently from what’s typically done.

As a mortgage broker, I’m able to draw on my experience as an appraiser and loan originator to build a consultative relationship with clients, providing meaningful guidance and managing the loan process to save them time and support their investments.

I approach debt brokerage like others manage the sale of a building – I represent clients to the entire market with full support from Dylan, Jerrid, and our team members.

There’s an alignment of priorities and world view: integrity, hard work, and trust.

That’s why I’m here. In my previous roles, there were inherent limitations as to what I could provide clients. Now I look at the big picture and figure out the best solutions, rather than the best way to offer limited solutions.

Our team is constantly improving, and I try to stay nimble and iterate processes to ensure I’m delivering the best value for clients.

Why real estate?

My uncle was an appraiser and really influenced my real estate career, and my interest in architecture also played a part in my career choice. While I really like the quantitative aspect of real estate, it’s comforting that beyond the spreadsheets there’s a tangible product – a space being enjoyed by residents and businesses.

Architecture also led me to study abroad, which led to my passion for cooking.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

Anything Italian! I needed a break after four years of econ classes in college, so I studied Roman art and architecture in Italy for four months. That’s when I first started cooking, and it stuck.